keyword to boost sales

What is Keyword and how to do Research?

By Kashan

Well whenever someone searches for something in Google that information is stored and cataloged by Google & best part is Google gives us access to this valuable information. What is Keyword and how to do Research?

In other words we can easily get to know that; what and how peoples are searching for something and exactly how many times those particular terms are being searched also how many times those terms are being searched every month on average.

I hope you guys have information about SERP University Keywords Module if not then I will try to make a separate blog post as it’s very vast and details topic.

So in this blog post we will cover this very important part of SEO step-by-step & will show you exactly how we can approach keyword research that will helped you in bringing hundred of thousands of visitors to your website. 

But what is Keyword Research ?

Well a Keyword Research is the process of searching & analyzing actual search terms that actual users are actively looking for answers to their queries. In short solutions to their problems.

A successful seo campaign starts with an effective keyword research.

All businesses looking to sell more products or services must understand exactly what their potential customers are searching for .This is an extremely powerful way of creating effective marketing campaigns. 

keyword to boost sales

But what are the steps for effective Keyword Research

I am going to tell the most effective way which most digital gurus are doing and ensure their success. 

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

1st thing first you need to understand your consumer. Make a list to fully understand the demographics and interests. As for whom you are about to create content for and it will make much easier for making your keyword list & content strategy. 

Now we have to Find Keywords by getting a list of keyword ideas. Normally start with looking for seed keywords to use as topics .try to come up with atl3adt 5 to 10 topics to start with and you can do more later when you perfect this art. You can use 3 steps to come up with keyword ideas 1.Brainstorming


3.Keyword Tools

First of all Use Your Existing Knowledge and imagination to Brainstorm Keyword Topics. What is Keyword and how to do Research?

you have to know your industry you should start by using your existing knowledge to brainstorm some topics & subtopics. Pen down the sketch to better organize your idea. But even

If you get stuck you can always turn to Google. 

Now you have to Use Your List of Competitors to Find More Topics

Using your competitors to create your keyword topics is a method that can’t get wrong but make sure you follow successful competitors.

A quick tip the best places to look include the menu bar for services page and blog categories

Always maintain a list as you do keyword research. You can use a excel or any other software this makes sure you keep track. 

What are Keyword Tools available for ease of usage 

Luckily there are plenty of keyword research tools available .an effective Keyword tools can give you a ton of information on your topics very quickly and easily.

The best in industry tool for doing topical keyword research is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Keywords Overview

Simply just Put your competitors into Ahrefs and look at their natural Keywords. 

As I said your will get tons of information and many many pages so just go for top pages in a report and these will give enough information about your competitors and their traffic

Another option in Ahrefs is Keyword Explorer

You Simply type your main “industry” or topic into “Ahrefs > Keywords Explorer” & use the options in the “Keyword Ideas” sidebar to see an almost endless amount of ideas:

You will be surprised to see that a lot of the keywords wont make any sense, but spend a few minutes scrolling through the pages and you will get ideas to work with. 

Map Keywords

As you have created a list of keywords that you want to build it’s important that you map them to URLs on your website. these can be existing URLs or even pages you plan to build but anyway you have to match up keywords to URLs on your sitemap. 

A protip.A sitemap is simply a list of all the URLs on your website. Making an effective Mapping of keywords to URLs helps you: will Keep your website organized will help you Plan the order in which you will start creating your content.

3. Please please Avoid making  multiple pages on your website it’s ery important.

We have best way to start mapping keywords to URLs is with SERP App – it’s a free application that allows you to better manage your SEO & digital presence online. You have to follow few steps

Step 1: Sign up for SERP App

Step 2: Add your “Project”

Step 3: Add URLs + Keywords

To wrap up

About us I hope you have liked this blog post and if you have any questions feel free to ask me I will try my best to resolve it . Wish you all the very best for your digital marketing business . I am looking forward to your comment or you can contact us. Let’s connect and share the information also let me know your success stories .