Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021

Thinking to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021 – This is Best Time !

By Kashan

This Covid-19 Pandemic is keeping all of us at home. World is on lockdown and people are forced to stay indoors. Employees are working from home and since we have lots of time at home. So if you are Thinking to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021, This is the perfect time to start it from the comfort of your home.

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So What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money anywhere by earning a commission on sales of product of services offered by Entrepreneurs. You will be promoting someone else’s business product or service. Once a customer buys their products through your shared links you will earn a commission. Its that simple and easy.

To start your affiliate program you always have a blog or website with audience always. Make sure to give great and valuable content to your readers who are investing time on your blogs.

As we have explained some concepts about affiliate marketing so let’s dive in to the details, Shall we ? OK..

There are 3 main steps of starting an affiliate marketing business

1- Choose a Product. Select your content category. And you can always find valuable saleable product corresponding to your niche.

2- Make a content for product. Add value to the product. Whether it could be a review an overview or tutorial. the only thing that will make it saleable is the content and how you present it to your readers.

3- Get the traffic to your content. Well for starter I will post a blog about how to improve your SEO so don’t miss that. I am sure that you will learn many different ways to get traffic for your content by following this simple steps.

So now let us move into how you can spread your affiliate links and start your affiliate marketing business right away.

Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021

Share your affiliate Links in your Content . Thinking to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021

As discuss above your content is your key to success. One way to provide your audience with valuable content is to write blog articles about products or services and also make videos about them.

You can place a affiliate link as a banner ad in your blog. And alternatively you can provide a button or link inside your content that while people reading can visit with ease and convivence get value out of it here. Also I would like to emphasize that be as relevant as you can and make quality content and don’t just shove your affiliate link .

Share your affiliate Links in your YouTube Videos

It is another way of sharing content by video making for YouTube. You can make a tutorial or give some motivation, or even review a product/service. Basic Idea is same as typing for your blog but instead you are talking with someone Personally. I think this is much more easier, a pro tip when making video try to imagine your are discussing with your friend. Or explaining him something. Please please do your homework first get proper information about product and services that you are about to endorse. Another pro tip , a natural body language videos are the most people love to watch instead of just reading a script.

In YouTube videos description box of the videos are very very important. You can share your affiliate links and all useful links in that. So interested persons can easily navigate to it. But Always make sure you make links shortened, there are number of different website that make it easy for you to shorten or simplify the links it looks more esthetically appealing and looks more professional.

Share your affiliate Links on Social Media

Well this isn’t that simple as it reads. It is not advisable to share your affiliate links directly on social media. Key is to share content which bring traffic to your blog or YouTube channel and from there you will do the drill that explained above.

Try to engage in communities specially in facebook groups discussion and so on so forth. Show your knowledge share your experience and invite them to read further in your blog or watch more videos in your YouTube channel. Believe me if you are providing quality content then people will come .


The main take away idea of this article is that Content is key.

Make it your habit that do not share your affiliate links with your followers directly. Always shorten the link and give content along with shortened link. Make sure your content is adding value to your reader.

Your Content can be shared:

  • Blog posts.
  • YouTube Videos.
  • Social Media .

So here we are guys those are few effective steps to get you started in 2021 and take my words if you follow it properly and patiently you will succeed and I am 100% sure you will thank me later on for that. I am waiting to hear from you guys do connect with us. Do give us your opinion and share your success stories . I am going to give shout out in my YouTube channel also.