promote Fiverr gigs and Increase Your Sales

How you can promote Fiverr gigs and Increase Your Sales- Simple Guide to Fiverr Gig promotion .

By Kashan

In this blog article we will share some core tips and tricks with you as How to promote Fiverr gigs and increase your sales exponentially.


Please note that this publishing strategy will work for all the freelance market places websites. But to make it simple i will use Fiveras an example. So lets gets started !

The main question is

How to Promote Fiverr gigs and Services?

We have 5 strategies to follow and get new potential clients in Fiverr:

  1. Social Media
  2. Paid Ads
  3. Cold Mailing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Quora

1. Social Media

You have to use social media to build and grow your presence online and let people trust you by giving sharing your honest and valuable opinion about the niche that you have picked & then you will see how you will be contacted every day from people asking for your things and then you can provide links and so on. The main idea is to add value first with genuine posts.

Please Please don’t just go and join 1000 Facebook groups and start sharing your links it will fire back and very soon you will be blocked and all your plans will be ended so keep it genuine and responsible.

2. Paid Ads

For beginners we don’t recommend using paid ads to promote product or services and a pro tip is to not to use Facebook or Google Ads to test. But instead use Quora Ads when you starting.

You can ask Why?

it is simply because that way you will target the exact audience that is looking for a solution for their particular issue. Here are the main 5 strategies to start promoting your Fiverr gigs online or any service.

3. Cold Mailing

It is hands down the best ways to market your services in it we send emails to specific people who may be interested in getting your service/product.

But what is Cold Mailing?

Its simply targeted email lists & we send an email trying to turn the target prospect into a customer. For example your service is about proving SEO services. So your potential clients are all website owners who want to rank their websites on Search Engines and get more traffic its that simple. Now you have to collect email addresses of particular interested persons and send them email with offer to provide your services of SEO.

 But you may ask Two most important Questions here?

  • How to get those emails?
  • How to send bulk Cold Emails?

start with the 1st question, How to get emails?

for that we have 3 best options:

  1. Online Scraping
  2. Manual search
  3. Using third party services like snov and hunter.

For all intend and purposes lets make it simple and you can start with online scraping which is absolutely free . Which is by publishing a contact us form in your website or blog . Interested persons will subscribe to more information and newsletters . You can provide them with more and regular information about certain topics and kind of blog that you run.

We have second method which is to search manually the web for websites and check the contact page and manually create an email list.

Now start with the second question and see how you can send bulk cold emails?

When we say bulk it mean sending like 500–1000 or more emails per day. This can be achieve with several methods:

  1. Gmail/Gsuite + Gmass Mail merge extention.
  2. Use a cold mail service like Woodpecker

The easiest method is connecting your Gmail account to Gmass, and then you can use Gmail account to send bulk emails even schedule &, track, and more. this is the simplest way.

Pro tip: It’s highly recommended to always use a business email and not your free Gmail account, so when you send emails, you will look professional As it will add credibility to your content. There are many internet services which gives professional email with as low as $2 a month.

4. Content Marketing

You have full on liberty of creating like YouTube Videos, Blog Posts, social media posts, e-books, online Courses, podcasts and promote your product/services inside that.

YouTube is one of the main successful mean of content marketing.

For all digital marketers I always recommend to start a YouTube channel and a blog then you can promote your product/services on it.

5. Fiverr Gigs Promotion with Quora

The last but not least strategy to promote your fiverr gigs is Quora. And with my experience It is one of the best places to promote your business and grow online. You just need to give 20–30 minutes every day answering questions and you can easily get 8-9k views in a week its that crazy fast to get traffic in Quora and more traffic means more sales.

But Please Please DONT’ spam instead try to add real value!

A pro tip is try to make answer templates for particular categories as mostly question are being asked are of the same nature but try to make it customize each time as much as you can.

In Conclusion

Create a YouTube channel and a Blog, and publish real value content in that and don’t forget to take advantage of Quora, It’s really very important! to get more traffic and grow Online. All of above along with cold mailing system for getting more clients.

Hope this helps! If you need any further information. Do leave us a comment or contact us . We love to hear back from you and engage in a fruitful group discussion.

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