How to write a blog perfectly

By Nazish Kashan

Anything you would like to write is corrected using Grammarly

You could be a student or a professional or not a native English speaker. You might get errors in your writing which need to be rectified. Either you require somebody else better in writing skills than you to check it. Or you might seem fool in a business environment by making such grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is an application you might install in your smartphone or laptop. Which applies to all your settings and make you aware of mistakes you might commit. Including Whatsapp, your messages, your Facebook keyboard, or whatever application you use. 

Type of correction it makes in an Android app


One of the options is it will provide you synonyms of the word you want to use in your writing that may create ease in using versatile vocabulary. For example, synonyms like additional, different, extra, distinct, supplementary, further are provided for other terms.


The other usage is if you write some error in a sentence, it will show a red mark which cancels the preposition you have written wrong. So in the meantime, you can adjust the correction.


If you write in any other language in a Roman script, it will reject the word not being in the English dictionary. The language only to be used in English; otherwise, it will detect the error.


While writing, if you commit a spelling mistake, it is also mentioned to correct it. The minor defects of spelling that you might not know suggested to rewrite.

It will benefit you if you are a content writer.

Nowadays, due to the growing demand and trend of day-to-day activities through online usage, it is a convenient method to earn as a content writer. But if you are not that good at writing but you are willing to pursue writing and are new to this app, Grammarly will help you a lot by automated corrected options.

Install in your laptop for the usage of writing using MS Word 

Educational purposes

If you intend to write any educational report where there could be inaccuracies, you can have Grammarly as a tool against it. In a much higher education level curriculum, there is a requirement of submitting research-based reports in many of the courses here; the automated correction will be beneficial in reducing time, effort, and flaws.

Applying for job

Applying for a job where errors might not be accepted in your resume or cover letter reflects your personality. It is a great option to adjust them. The tool that runs in Ms word will suggest all the errors once applied and correct them.

Tools for Any SEO Challenge


Download the Grammarly app on your pc or laptop. Open your document. On the right up corner, there is an Open Grammarly option. Click over it then a sidebar appears where you click every error one by one. And Grammarly will rectify it.

Versions of Grammarly app to Download and its cost

There is a free version of Grammarly if you install it on your android or laptop. Where you need to login into a computer and download an app on your android using your email account, it will require access to your other apps.

There is a premium paid version available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, with prices of $29.95, $19.98, and $11.66 per month.

There is a Grammarly Business package also available at $12.50 per month per member billed annually with at least a requirement of 3 members.


We have personally being using Grammarly app for quite a some time and felt this amazing app need more recognition and I am sure it will help you out in your writing tasks. Do let us know what was your experience using Grammarly app and let us connect for more information sharing.