How To Start a SAAS Online Business.

How To Start a SAAS Online Business in few Hours

By Kashan

Ok So How To Start a SAAS Online Business ?

Alright so let’s make it very clear. I can assure you within 24 hours, you will be able to start your very own a SAAS online business. And potentially be able to earn thousands of dollars each month.

In this blog post we have divided into 5 parts. This will guide you about everything you need to know for starting a successful SAAS online business:

  1. What is SAAS?
  2. How can I to get my SAAS?
  3. Available SAAS service to choose from
  4. How to Setup the service
  5. Enjoy your earning.

1. What is SAAS?

The word SAAS is abbreviation of Software as a Service . In simple words; It is an online software or an online service that you can sale to someone for their use of that service.
For example,, which is a SAAS service, provides all the graphical needs for you and your business. You don’t even need to know editing here you can make your very own logo , business card , YouTube thumbnails and lots of many more options to choose from. We highly recommend there services, must give it a try and you will love it. CANVA

Another great example is SEMrush, online software that offers SEO tools. Just like, SEMrush is also an online service that user pay for, so it’s called a SAAS service.

How To Start a SAAS Online Business.

So after working out as per our step by step blog post. You will be the owner of your very own SAAS business. People will subscribe to your service and happily pay you monthly recurring payments by getting quality services.

Just to make you clear suppose you have 100 customers using your SAAS service. And for example you are charging for your services 5$ a month. It will make 500$ each month recurring earnings. You don’t have to work all the time. Just start it with little bit of invest and efforts and you will be good to go. It is also the best source of passive earnings. You could stay at home or having holidays at your favorite destination. You can happily see your earning accumulating on your screen.

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2. How can I to get my SAAS?

We know now what the benefits of SAAS are. Lets dive in to the details as how to get SAAS service.

You must be thinking “What I have to do to get my own SAAS service or software?” Don’t you worry let me just relieve you. You don’t have to develop any program or software nor you have to learn programming or even hire a programmer.
You simply just buy a SAAS software script for as low as $40-$50.
In simple words you are starting an online business for just 50$!
All you have to do is to purchase a software script from a website called codecanyon,.

So just to make you clear. What is codecanyon? Codecanyon is a market place for digital assets. Here you will find hundreds of thousands software scripts developed by professional programmers. And best part is some of those scripts you can buy for as low as 30$.
So Now you have to go

Codecanyon 1
Click on PHP scripts

Search for SAAS . You can see many available options.

You have to take your time browsing all the services and choose the best one you like most, the one that fits you and you have strong feeling that you can be successful with that kind of business.

3. Available SAAS service to choose from

Let me give you a pro tip always search the term on Google also and see what others are charging for that particular service. Also do some market research how much saturated situation is. If you want to sale the particular software what kind of peoples willing to subscribe. Choose your targeted users. Make a list of why such users will subscribe and what value they can get for that particular amount.

Alright so you have done your home work and made a list now lets see some of available options. Just a disclaimer these are options which I personally believe will be very good for online SAAS business for new comers.

Examples at

How To Start a SAAS Online Business
This is a good option as people want to share files with other users and they need hassle free solution. You can provide free service with your ads showing on your page . Also you can charge for nominal charges and provide more value for money by increase upload size and other options.
How To Start a SAAS Online Business
This is also a good option you. You can contact small business and provide them online accounting service which is fully automated. You just have to make user account and provide with access. They can use book keeping system online and you can make substantial amount for the service.
How To Start a SAAS Online Business
Well in todays age of social media. Every one has there online presence and want to enhance more. One of the best way is to provide link to your website on your social media like Instagram and tiktok etc. this premium url shortner will make a short and to the point url for your main website or online store . BTW social media is the best way of organic traffic.

The above are few examples which I believe are good options and currently market is not that saturated. So you have good chance to grab the market share .

Very Important thing to consider !

There are two available license types with different prices.

There is one thing I need to clear. In you will find there are 2 type of licenses to use the script code. first one is regular licenses which you can see above and it states End user can not be charged for service. for second type of license is Extended licenses. By getting extended licenses you can charge what ever amount you deemed apporpriate.

So wait ! Let me give you and inside trick that will help you in your SAAS business and you can easily make money with that also. Alright so you bought a script with regular license, Now you can’t have charging options in your script means with regular licenses there is not available options of paypal or other financial services.

What you can do is to make a paid Gig at Fiverr and upwork . Sale your services from there. For example Accounting software you can create a gig if some one want to use you will make an account and give them access its as simple as that. You have to work around for that and believe me its not that difficult. You just need proper marketing technique and pitch your Gig.

4. How to Setup your services

Well, if we talk about process it will be very long post. So I will make a separate post about that with step by step guide on how to host a SAAS on your website. For brief discussion let me just give you few pointers if you are a newbie.

You need a domain from any service provider (Godaddy , , are just few you can Google it for more but the above 3 are the best in industry. So you have to get a domain and get it hosted the above services provide hosting also with complete package . But if you are a techie person and know about webhosting you can choose different service provider for your webhosting like ( Hostinger & OVHcloud ) .

Here I want to emphasis on one thing. You got your SAAS script, you got domain and got it hosted. But you need a traffic for it to succeed . For this you need some paid tools to increase your search engine optimization (better ranking at Google) . There is an amazing tool can SEMrush .You will get complete insight and step by step guide to how get better ranking and get more and more traffic. We have very detailed article on SEMrush on our website you can check that here –> How to get traffic using SEMrush tool .

5. Enjoy your earnings

So Finally, we are here at the best part. After doing all the steps stated above you have to just sit back and enjoy seeing your business grow. Although you have to be active time to time to promote your business. Because lets be clear todays world is very fast and brand easily get forgotten . So make sure to stay up to date.

I hope you like the detailed much awaited article about SAAS business. it will give you financial freedom. Spread the word may be someone in your friends and family circle need a pathway to earn. I will feel accomplished with just one person started or doing SAAS business following my article.

Give me your feedback write your comments below and feel free to connect with us .

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