how to install Google analytics using MonsterInsights

How to install Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

By Kashan

How to install Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

It is very important to know behavior and usage pattern of your website visitors. So you better understand how to better accommodate your targeted audience. How to install Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

Google Analytics gives you in-depth statistics. And best part is its completely free. But, How to install Google Analytics? there is a little problem. Its pretty complicated to add Google Analytics code to your WordPress website. Here MonsterInsights comes to save the day as your Tech Super hero.

I will tell you now how easy and hassle free it is to setup Google Analytics using MonsterInsights. With few simple steps you will be good to go.

But First, Lets talk little bit about Google Analytics. What is the importance of Google Analytics for a website owner specially a Blogger.

Alright, So you started your very own blog. Congratulations for that. Now your main focus is to get traffic for your website. Google Analytics provide you in depth statistical data of visitors to your blog. You will be in better position to understand what type of articles are retaining your audience. When you know what is good then you can take steps in right direction. And eventually increase your blog traffic and retention rate.

What details Google Analytics provide ?

For a newbie you might feel overwhelmed to see amount of details, You get from Google Analytics. Let me just give you brief information about available options.

1 – General Information About Website Visitors

You will get detailed information about Geographical location of your visitors along with what type of browsers, devices and even gender. You can also get information about most users visit at what time of the day. Thats specially helpful when you run your paid ad campaign. Its a matter of another topic so feel free to browser our website for that.

How to install Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

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2 – Behavior / usage pattern of website visitors.

You also get information about the website visitors. As how long they stay on which section of your website. An important point to track is bounce rate . It is simple percentage of visitors exit your blog after first visit. You can get valuable information about which article is retaining more attention. You can produce more blog post for that particular topic. Main usage of that information is to reduce bounce rate and increase pageviews.

How to signup for Google Analytics

Its very simple to signup for Google Analytics. If you are into Google ID echo system. You are very much good to go. You just need to provide your Google ID in signup section and Provide details of your website . Give details about your domains and you have successfully signed up.

How to install Google Analytics using MonsterInsights in WordPress .

Alright so you know about Google Analytics. You have successfully signed up for Google Analytics. Now comes the main part. How to install Google analytics using MonsterInsights. You know all the benefits of Google Analytics. but if you can’t be able to integrate that with your WordPress then its all waste of time. As i told you earlier, MonsterInsights comes here as a super hero. And with few simple steps you will be good to go.

Let me tell you about MonsterInsights . It is by far the most popular and WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. More then 3 million websites are using MonsterInsights. For MonsterInsights we have both paid and free versions. We have been using MonsterInsights since global launch. And we recommend there services to all our tech partners.

With Premium versions you can get even more advantages like Ads tracking, E-commerce tracking and more. Anyhow lets check how it works in 4 simple steps.

1- Download and activate MonsterInsights plugin in your WordPress dashboard .

2 – Now click on MonsterInsights setup wizard. Here you can choose your website category as business, Publishers and E-Commerce.

3 – Now Connect MonsterInsights with Google Analytics. You will be asked to provide Google ID and Password with Google secured login panel. Insert your details and make next. You will be prompted by Google to allow certain access to MonsterInsights .

4 – After Allowing the access. You will be prompted to select your website. Now press Complete Connection. Leave everything as default make next and in last press Finish Setup & exit wizard. Congratulations of your successful integration of Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

To Sum Up

As you have seen its that much simple to add Google Analytics using MonsterInsights. I must say its a must have plugin for WordPress. Comment below if you need to know any thing particular . Do share your experience and with us and Connect with us.

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