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How to get traffic using SEMrush

By Kashan

How to get traffic using SEMrush

First of all congratulations on starting your blog/website. Even if you are brainstorming on the idea of a blog you are on right track. In today’s world, you need to have a digital asset that will appreciate by adding value to visitors with the information they need.

How to get traffic using SEMrush

But what is SEMrush everyone talking about?

So, if we simplify SEMrush is a tool that helps you find profitable keywords. Yup! It’s that simple. I am sure you have an idea that for a successful blog you need a strong SEO game. With a proper and powerful tool, you can easily crack the recipe for success on the internet. Well, most new and old bloggers are using SEMrush to optimize their sites. Create the content their targeted audience wants and provide a better experience for their visitors.

Even if you are a newbie worry not, The beauty of SEMrush is that it can be used easily for any website. No matter you own a blog that relies on Adsense, & affiliate links. Or even you have a corporate website that needs to bring in more traffic for business, SEMRush got you covered.

The main function of Its platform is to identify different trends that happen within your selected niche. It identifies a variety of keywords, & audits your on-page SEO to check rankings and backlinks.

More Traffic means More Revenue

Well, an optimized blog means more traffic and more traffic means more revenue, it is going to do well in terms of bringing in both more traffic and revenue for you. SEMrush gives you a list of keywords that people are searching for to find a blog/website like yours.

You will get an insight about which pages on your site are helping or rather shadowing you from reaching success. 

5 Steps for Bloggers to use SEMrush at full potential

For starters, SEMrush offers a free 14-day trial and it can be upgraded to a paid. So, as a blog owner, you want to know what exactly SEMrush can do for you and how other bloggers are taking full advantage of this software to optimize their sites. Let us talk about that!

1) Know your current status How to get traffic using SEMrush

When you go to SEMrush and enter your website name you will see a traffic overview screen. It will glance at your view of how your website is performing in getting searched traffic segregated for both paid channels and organic. You can easily find out the traffic trend is going up or down. Your rankings are improving or getting worse for your main keywords and even how you are ranking within SEMrush, and more.

You can easily download a pdf overview report produced by SEMrush according to the dates you selected. You can see your website’s progress over a different period.

Just to make it clear this is a depiction of traffic growth over some time.

SEMrush Traffic report

2) Know Your Competitors

Let’s accept it, Out there are thousands of blogs already written on your particular topic. To stand out you need to know what others are doing and you have to take a different approach. If some are successful then what is causing them to be successful while you may continue to struggle to get traffic for your site. With SEMrush you set your competitors and get a look at their keywords that are getting traffic on their blogs.

You will get the idea to develop content to target exactly these search terms. If a competitor is getting traffic for particular keywords that are relevant to your niche, then why don’t you target that traffic too? And claim your share of success. 

Let’s take an example, Tech Talk Biz covers a variety of topics to help you guys out to start digital marketing or grow your social media traffic. There is a good site ProBlogger which offers the same content as mine so I consider them a competitor although they are quite old in the niche and produce very impressive content. Do check if you like more topics like that. Anyhow, let’s see the below image!

SEMrush Problogger Report

SEMrush Dashboard overview

Let me explain what those headings mean.

  • Keywords: These are the exact words people searching and getting Problogger as their search result.
  • Position: On which place Problogger is standing for that particular keyword.
  • Volume: The average monthly traffic that is being generated from these keywords
  • CPC: This is the cost per click. This means if someone advertised based on that particular keyword.
  • URL: The main web page which is generating that traffic.
  • Traffic: That is the average percentage of all traffic website is getting from keyword.

As per the above overview, we can see that Problogger ranks good for “What is a Blog” and this search term gets them over 14,000 searches per month. This is a good keyword for TechTalkBiz to target. If I write a post about the blog and use those keywords it will help me rank better in search engines hence more organic traffic flow.

3) Explore New Keyword Opportunities

Ok, so when I click on “What is a blog” SEMRush will suggest to me more keywords that AI thinks might be relevant. You can see that in the “Phrase match report” and “Related Keywords Report”.

SEMrush Keyword research

Ok, so I can see another keyword opportunity that immediately clicked me… “What to Blog About” and has 1300 searches per month.

4) Explore More Advertising Opportunities

One’s traffic has established you are in a good position to monetize your digital asset. You will amaze to see how several website owners paying a lot of money to get traffic, via different networks such as Google AdWords and ProppellerAds. By associating with those networks you will allow them to show their advertisements on your property (Blog/Website).

The great part is SEMrush makes this even easier. It looks at all the keywords you are using and then refers to companies that are paying for advertising based on those particular keywords.

Ok so let get back again to our friends at Problogger for example you can see that the following sites are carrying out paid advertising for keywords.

SEMrush Problogger advertisers

5) Track record of Your Current and Existing Rankings

Last but not least, another amazing key feature offered by SEMrush is that You can keep track of your current and past ranking reports very easily. You will have a detailed report of different trends happening across all areas of your website. For someone not using SEMrush will have a hard time keeping track of keywords or have to make manual record keeping. 

To conclude

If you’re a blogger and not using SEMrush, believe me, you are missing out on an opportunity that will boost your blog or even website. Taking a known decision based on facts and figures ensures your success. You will know what is working and what is not and based on that you make efforts in the right direction hence ensuring an increase in valuation of the digital asset. 

Tens of Thousands of bloggers and digital marketers are already using SEMrush. With this kind of powerful tool, the SEO game is changing. If you won’t use it you will miss out. It will be really appreciated if you check them out Here !

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