How to get Traffic for Affiliate links !

By Kashan

Affiliate marketers face greatest challenges specially how to drive traffic for affiliate links. To solve this issue alone should be the main concern for any serious affiliate marketer looking to make their online business.

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other peoples services or products in exchange for a certain amount of commission. A promotor rewards several affiliates for each visitor or client brought by the affiliate own marketing efforts.

In this blog post we will learn how to increase the earnings and conversion rates using 4 different methods or strategies. By Combining these strategies you can get more and more traffic to your affiliate links (this means increased conversions and ROI).

But what are these 4 main traffic sources that we can use?

Well, to come direct to the point these include social media, Q&A websites to blogging and online video-sharing platforms. I am sure you are using most of these mediums on daily basis so why not use it to make money .There are countless options to chose from but I found below mentioned 4 options the Best and most practical:

  1. Quora
  2. YouTube
  3. Blog
  4. Email Marketing
How to get Traffic for Affiliate links

 Here we will go over how to utilize these 4 different traffic sources to their full potential .

1- Lets start with Quora

Quora is a Q&A platform and people ask questions to other internet users. The answers are usually followed with opinions and facts. Well you have to give your time and dedication in answering different questions asked on Quora. Usually you have to spent some where around 20 to 40 minutes answering the questions its fair and simple.

But the key is consistency and relevance of question asked. The trick is to use your affiliate link in your answers relevant to the question. As like some one is asking for webhosting opinion. You can give answer and in last just recommend your affiliated webhosting services. Believe me that’s the most organic and natural way to get traffic to your affiliate link.

But do not use direct affiliate link in your answer you will get banned from website. So the trick is to shorten the link . And also have a small landing page which will redirect the visitor to your affiliated link. I will share detailed blog post for how to use Quora so make sure your check back and get the advantage.

2- At Second place we have YouTube

YouTube is hands down the most authentic organic traffic sources. You can make videos promoting physical products by creating video reviews and linking them to these products in your description. For example you can talk about your set-up at home, laptops, microphones, and all the hardware and software. You use ad links to those products so that anyone’s interested can go to amazon and buy them in return your get commission.

You can also give your feedback about the services that you subscribed to. Most of these days all service providers give you affiliate link. You can request them and share with your friends and fans and in most cases they get discounts you get commission and seller get sales so its a win win situation .

A quick tip also if you use link in your description box always use shortened URL instead of just copy pasting it . It will give more authentic and tidy look.

3- Writing an article or Blog

Making your internet presence is getting very and very important these days. Make your digital worth by creating useful articles and blogs. Share your experiences and information by doing this you are adding value to ones knowledge. Believe me you will also be able to learn a lot with fruitful discussion that you will have with your readers .

Well the thing is you can’t work online without having a website. So go now and make a website and believe me you will not regret doing that. I will share a method of getting cheap domain hosting with godaddy and in my experience its the best and reliable service providers in the industry . If you don’t want to spend money try Blogger.com / tumblr.com, these are completely free version.

Like in YouTube method you can also share your affiliate links in your blogs. There is another use or shall I say mean of earning from Blogs / Website is showing banner Ads by using google AdSense .Its really simple , I will share a separate blog post regarding this method and believe me its very easy and will take very minimum effort.

4- Last but not least E-Mail marketing.

Well if I start writing about this method I am sure it will take hours and hours as its very huge topic to cover. just to make it short and effective I will share few tools for Email marketing and how you can use it for affiliate links.

There are 4 main methods that we rely on to drive traffic using email marketing: 

1- welcome emails, 2- email signature, 3- newsletter, and 4-cold mailing. we will see all those 4 email marketing methods in brief manner.

1- Welcome emails.

By sending a welcome email to potential buyers is one of the best ways to advertise your affiliate links. But how can we do that ? its simple the opt-in form. You mostly find a small form at the websites for basic personal info. After filling this form, the user will subscribe to newsletter. Gain access to exclusive content related to digital marketing and online business.

2- Email Signature.

Second one is the email signature. An email signature is a powerful way to show professionalism to your subscribers. Email signature is at bottom of your email. By doing this you build yourself a trademark and to stand out. Also, email signature is critical for building brand awareness.

3- Newsletter.

This is the third method of email marketing . As already mentioned, most of the websites have opt-in form through which visitors can subscribe to the newsletter. By the way, If you don’t have a website, I again highly recommend that you make one. well using the opt-in form, you will grow your own email list of people who are genuinely interested in the content you have to offer.

You can then send weekly, biweekly, or monthly emails to your subscribers, providing them with your latest content or services. You can also add your own related affiliate links in your newsletter, driving even more traffic to your affiliate links.

4- Cold mailing.

In last method of using email marketing to get traffic to your affiliate links is through sending cold emails. Well Cold emailing is simply sending emails to unknown persons who subscribe to your email list. This is also a way of spam and make sure to not use this method. If you don’t have consent of email owner like if they willingly sign up for newsletter only to send email.

Now you must be thinking so what is the difference between newsletter and cold mailing. Good question, Newsletter you send on particular time weekly, biweekly or monthly. In cold mailing you send email without any time duration or particular interval. But its a risky method as you might get blocked so its always advisable to use this method very least. Please please make sure to send email to only those who have subscribe to received emails.

To conclude the topic

You guys have, this 4 magical sources of traffic which every successful internet entrepreneur uses to get maximum traffic to the affiliate links. I am very thankful to you for reading so far. I hope this article will helps you get more traffic to your links. Please don’t forget to follow us for more updates and most importantly do share your experience with us. I am launching YouTube channel very soon and will describe all these amazing strategies in detail in video format also. I’m looking forward to reading your comments below!