How to Get Free Traffic from Google

How to start SEO – How to Get Free Traffic from Google

By Kashan

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You have started your website. And naturally you try to look for your content on Google and you can’t find your page. It means your website or blog is not listed in Google. Hence people will not find your web link. There is a little secret: it is SEO – Search engine optimization. But How to start SEO – How to get free traffic from Google.

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In this article to know all about how to find your page on the first page of Google. So that people know about your page and start visiting your blog and reading your content.

Let’s be honest since 2020 we have seen an enormous increase in blogging community. Which is good thing but more blogs means more competition. So it’s very important to make your website /blog optimized for Search engine specially Google.

But what is SEO?

When you search for anything, you can see some pages rank on top of search results. You know why? Because of SEO.

How do search engines work?

Well no body share there secrete recipe so does most search engines. They keep their algorithms secret from the public. But we do know some of their strategy on how they work.

Ok so before we dig deep in let’s make ground rule. For this article we will refer “Search Engines” as Google. Because it’s mammoth of this gigantic industry.

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

So when we make new post online. Google starts reading the page in search of the keywords used in the article. Yes this is how Google will know what your article is about so “Keywords” are the main thing to consider.

There is one more thing Google also checks and it’s the bounce rate for the page. The bounce rate is the time the site visitors stick to your page. The more the time spent the lower the bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate Google ranks your page in the searches in upper results.

How to Get Free Traffic from Google
How to Get Free Traffic from Google

Types of SEO

Basically, we have two types of SEOs:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO.

The Equation of success at SEO is (On-Page SEO + Off-Page SEO = High Ranking)

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

To make is simple. Let’s take example that you open a Restaurant. In order to get success you need two things Good ambiance so people would love to hangout and Secondly good food. Right? 

So making good food is On-Page SEO. It is your content and keywords in your content that make people stay on your page. And good ambience will attract visitors. Hence it is off-page SEO to make Google and search engines rank your page higher.

On-Page Optimization

There are 3 main points for on-page SEO you need to be careful about.

  1. Content

It is the key to online success. Reader will be glad when finding all the solutions they are looking for in particular article. Always make sure to write to the point. Google’s algorithm ranks simple content higher. Because it is what ultimate reader what.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the terms people will use to do their research. Pro-tip always use specific keywords when trying to rank higher. Like “how to make pasta” is better keyword then “pasta sauce”. I hope its clear for you.

Always make sure to not go too far using keywords.

  • Just Use it in your titles
  • In the URL link of the page and in some of your body content.

But make sure when writing keywords in your content. Keyword should be between the percent ranges of 0.5-3 percent of your content. Excessive use of keyword will have adverse effect on your search engines result.

  • Design

Here we are talking about the design of your content not design of your page. So, always make sure use of heading of your post. It is very crucial for your readers that titles you use and all the structure of your content should be in harmony.

Use of images are also very important but always make sure to use proper alt attribute and description for images that you are using in your content. As it will help Google to look for keywords in content.

Off-Page Optimization

Here we will talk about the appearance of your page that will attract Google to rank our page. There are many factors that need to be considered.

  • Page Speed And Bounce Rate

Nobody will wait for a page to load for a minute. Right? Or even 20 seconds? Time is the most valuable thing in life and Google values it a lot.

  1. Boost your page speed. There are many online tools available that will help you in speeding up g a slow page.
  2. Security on your page. The more secure your page the better SEO ranked. As Google now consider the security of your website a major role in its ranking. For this you have to make sure with your webhosting provider. Always look for SSL certification most of webhosting providers gives it in return of little fees.
  3. Backlinks. Your page must have links pointing to it. SEO automatically considered it very important page. Hence better ranking. But let’s see real world scenario. Since you start your blog or website no one will backlink to you. Unfortunately this is the truth. But there is way to get backlinks and you need to take the initiative. But How ? I hope you have read our previous blog in which we have discussed importance of social media and Q & A site like Quora. If you haven’t read it here . So the basic idea is to get backlinks attached to your social media pages. But do not spam as it might get you banned from those site. Be genuine and believe me traffic will follow you way.

Tools for Good Ranking

Our weapon of choice in word press blog is AIOSEO. It is the best SEO plugin you can use. It will give you in depth analysis about your blog and tell you SEO rankings accordingly. Their tips will really give you boost. Tech Talk Biz recommend it for 100% results. Do check them.

To Conclude

We have learnt what is SEO and there are two type of SEO. The Equation of success at SEO is (On-Page SEO + Off-Page SEO = High Ranking) . Use proper keywords/ key phrases . Work on your page design.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this article as much as I loved to write it. If you have any question do let us know in comments section below. Feel free to connect with us. Don’t forget to share with your friends.