Hidden Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Hidden Affiliate Marketing Strategy – No Website Required !

By Kashan

There is a hidden affiliate marketing strategy used by very successful affiliate marketers. The best part about that technique is that it is so simple that anyone can apply it and that also without any website . Hidden Affiliate Marketing Strategy – No Website Required !

That is too good to be true but believe me its a tested strategy that big affiliate marketers use. In this article you will find how to established affiliate marketing. Hence get into big money game using a straightforward strategy that requires no website.

The “Secret Strategy”

As I already informed that this strategy is so straightforward. That anyone can start applying it and cherry on top is it does not require a website. To apply this method you have to start small and slowly. And achieve your goal of getting five or even six figure earning easily!

We have to use two steps for this affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. The first step is to find a successful affiliate marketing campaign.
  2. Second, you have to copy their marketing campaign .

Step 1 : Finding a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Its so simply find someone who is already running a paid ad campaign. which you can easily find out if you are digging into affiliate marketing world of internet. You can know by following YouTube channels as most YouTubers use affiliate marketing as there earning source.

Which is very impactful if you follow the right steps. BTW you can read our previous Blog post if you know more. However we are working on YouTube channel. By the time you are reading this post there is video regarding the topic .do check that.

On internet you can easily find many native ad platforms, such as MGID, Outbrain, Revcontent, and many many other networks. These are used to run native ads you can just google for more names. Any how the plan is to search and find people running successful affiliate marketing campaigns through these networks.

To search a successful campaign is bit hard work to do but, there are ad-spy tools at your service like Adplexity.

So what is that Adplexity you may ask..!

Adplexity is a ad-spy tools and one of the best and recommended by affiliate marketer gurus. By use of Adplexity you can get information about all type of ads currently running in selected region. Adplexity do the hard work for you to find people’s campaigns.

Ok So there is a little trick while using Adplexity you have to select ClickBank. Now it will show all the ads that are promoting ClickBank. You can also apply filter for Adplexity. Which will give you ads based on how long they’ve been running and also what is audience retention.

With just few click you will see campaigns are repeated more than ones. And with very little changes because peoples are copying the original campaigns. You can also see duplicated campaigns are getting traffic because these are successful campaigns. By using Adplexity you can easily find the successful campaign and copy it.

Well A piece of advice before running a campaign do not just rush for any successful campaign. However its you moral duty to make sure the product or service you are promoting is morally appropriate . I hope you will take care of that because money is not everything. Moral appropriateness is higher then money that you will make. Please do consider that.

2- Step number Two Copying/ Duplicating Campaign

After you have hunt down a successful ad campaign, now you have to copy it. Adplexity gives information of everything that you may require about the product/ service.

These information includes analytics the regions in which campaign is running. And most importantly the landing pages that are being use. Following the landing page link you can find the page of campaign with product details. You just simply copy the same campaign and apply changes as much as you can without losing its original essence.

Make a rule of thumb that always check the platform ad campaign are being used. You have to run on different platform. Make it your habit to always keep track of your campaigns check there progress and see if any action is needed or not.

To conclude

  • Search a successful ad campaign using Adplexity,
  • Sign up for the same affiliate program,
  • Duplicate the same ad campaign on different ad networks.
  • DO NOT FORGET to track your progress

I cordially thanked you for reading so far. I pray this article helps you get more traffic to your links and you get successes.

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