how to get paid on internet

Best way to get paid on internet

By Nazish Kashan

Best way to get paid on internet

So If you are working as a freelancer or even thinking of starting an online business from comfort of your home. You must have a reliable payment partner that can ease your financial needs. You can make better funds management. But which service is best. If you are not living in caves you have obviously know two of the best in industry. PayPal & Payoneer .

In this article, we will discuss and compare these two service providers and you will be in better position to choose the one that suits your requirements. Below is given a table of brief comparison for your ease.

Best Features PayPal Payoneer
Gives flexibility to get paid on your website Yes No
Get paid from Companies Yes Yes
Virtual bank account in few clicks No Yes
Can create a Mastercard Yes Yes
Worldwide Availability (almost) No Yes
Strict policies No Yes
The Table above shows Pros & Cons of PayPal & Payoneer.

Alright, The two majorly used financial institutions are Payoneer and PayPal, which are discussed below to make you know which to prefer in your online businesses. However, There are six things to consider before using from any of Payoneer or PayPal which are,

1 – Get payment on your website

In many E-commerce websites, you will have option to pay within the website. To complete your purchase, you will see that you can pay with PayPal, So basically PayPal allows you to get paid directly inside your website.
Note: Payoneer doesn’t have this option to get payments within a website like PayPal.

2 – Companies payment to be accepted

For instance, if you are purchasing or selling a course on Udemy, you can use both PayPal and Payoneer as an option to make payments. It’s all up to you which mode of payment you would like to choose.

3 – Create your own virtual bank account

There is an option in Google AdSense where you can monetize your ads and earn money online. To get paid or even pay for Ads you need to connect your bank account within Google AdSense.

Payoneer has an option to create a virtual bank account outside your country, from where you can withdraw from your bank account in your country. You can see I have USD and GBP . Even with Payoneer I have option to make virtual bank account in JPY , SGD and CAD.

how to get paid on internet

As with PayPal, you could quickly get paid using a website, but there is no option of getting paid by creating a virtual account. However, With PayPal you can link your existing conventional bank account and get paid but to be honest I would always feel relaxed using Virtual Bank account instead of my normal bank account on internet.

4 – Mastercard option

Using PayPal or Payoneer, you can create Mastercard where you can pay and withdraw your money anywhere in the world.

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5 – Availability (almost worldly)

Payoneer has the facility to make your payment services throughout the world. Whereby using PayPal, there are restricted regions to use as a payment method. If you want to make a payment outside the PayPal region, you can choose Payoneer.

6 – Restricted policies

Payoneer has stricter policies than PayPal. For example, you cannot use Payoneer for free giveaways, whereas PayPal provides the service of transferring money as giveaways.

Yes, you can get paid now.

This article realized that both the financial service provider Payoneer and PayPal have their advantages to choose from. You could be running a company or an individual who is earning money from the internet and need to get paid; then you need to know. Which of the service to select as your ease and preference.

For my personal preference, I am using Payoneer for quite a some time. And since then I haven’t gone through any difficulty while getting paid over internet or paying other services on internet. For me the main selling point of Payoneer is Virtual bank account.

What is your choice and which service you use. Please let us know in comments section below. Also feel free to check our other article posts .