Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Beginners to Pro Affiliate Marketing- (Ultimate Guide)

By Kashan

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

It is promoting products and services for other people and earning commission per sale. Furthermore, It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. In this Ultimate Guide we will share step by step to help you out with your online business with affiliate marketing and get your passive income stream started today.

So what is passive income?

It means that every month you can earn a handsome income without doing much a work. Basically even if you take a whole month off you can still be getting paid. too good to be true but it is. Let me tell you how.

Shall we start now ?

If we simplify affiliate marketing, it is based on two things:

  • Selecting the correct product to promote.
  • Promoting the product.

1. Select the correct product to promote:

This is very important to understand that how to select the best product/service to promote because it will be much easier to make money fast with right product selection.

What are best Affiliate Products And Networks to choose from.

With my experience and experts in the industry following Affiliate programs and products are the best in term of ROI. Thus the best part is you can join even if you are a total beginner. let me illustrate you both recurring and single commission products and services.

Single Commission Affiliate Products.

These are the top 5 affiliate networks that you can start with and work around little bit to find different products to promote.

1. .Warrior Plus: With my personal experience it is amazing specially for beginners. Hence its simple and worldwide available.

2. JVZoo: An old and trusted affiliate network with thousands of Affiliate products to start with.

3. CJAffiliateCJ is one of the largest Affiliate Networks available Online. Many successful affiliate marketer use it.

4. ClickBank: Most probably you are familiar with ClickbankIt is an affiliate network where you can find thousands of products to promote. But there is a catch as it is not available in most countries so check first before signing up

5. Envato Market: One of the best and reliable .

Recurring Commission Affiliate Products.

You know what working with recurring commission products you can earn double or triple the amount of money per year with same efforts. To illustrate here are my top 5 picks ;

1. Tube Buddy: You thought 40% is high commission you can earn up to 50% recurring commission when you refer people to Tube buddy isn’t that amazing

2. SendinBlue: It is also one of the easiest affiliate program which makes you earn per signup! 

See the power of lead magnet funnel

3. ClickFunnels: Its affiliate program gives hands down the best commissions for a Service As A Service (SAAS) company.

4. Get Response: My Top pick for Email Marketing Services with amazing Affiliate program.

5. SEMrush: Well you can get up to 40% of commission. SEMrush is an amazing SEO tools company that helps anyone rank their websites .

Beginners to Pro Affiliate Marketing
Yes .. You Can do that !

2. Promoting The Affiliate Product.

Well now as we have learnt affiliate programing and which product to choose. Now the real work start. You have basically two paths for advertising

  • Free Advertising.
  • Paid Advertising.

Free Advertising.

Most of you are interested in free advertising and its best practice to start with free promotion.

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply a method that rank your websites and articles on Top of search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. For instance mostly people when they search they select the first links they got in result. Hence your goal with SEO is to make your website rank on the first page search engines. You need to make sure 2 things,

  1. Keyword Research that people search
  2. Apply those keywords in your content

But from where we can get these keywords and How can I know the best to choose? SIMPLE! use a keyword research tool for example wordtracker. The tool will automatically give you keyword search volume data and help you choose the best keywords. I hope this gives you an idea of how SEO works .

2. Promote Affiliate with YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best sources to promote any product or service not just affiliate links.

But the important question is How to Grow Your YouTube Channel and how to get more view.

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1. Video Search Engine Optimization: This will make sure your video ranks up higher in search engine of YouTube Search. Its most important part optimize the metadata specifically ( Title, Tag, Thumbnail and Description) with proper keywords.

2. Forums and Q&A Sites ( Quora ).

Look for forums related to your content and help others by sharing with valuable information along with article links and YouTube video channel. If your content is good you surely will get views.

A pro tip Reddit is also one of the best place to get free traffic beside Quora.

3. Email Marketing.

If you follow my previous blogs I have emphasized on building email lists. As it will be top sources of traffic for your websites by sending newsletters to your Subscribers.

4. YouTube suggestions: Your goal is to make YouTube suggest your video in trending videos section. For this you have to make sure few things. High quality video it matters a lot.

5. Free eBooks and Courses

Who don’t like free things so create small free ebooks and publish on sites like to get traffic. Hence you can also publish a free course on Udemy and get advantage of hundred of thousands students there.

6. Social Media

Try to get some followers on Social media groups for instance Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Meanwhile It will helps you to get organic traffic. For instance there are many social media management software for automate posting on all platforms.

Paid Advertising.

For paid advertising always go for tried and test networks:

  • Google Ads.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Quora Ads

So, If we start looking at each of these it will take hours for each service so here will just briefly discuss.

Promote Affiliate Links with Google and Facebook Ads

Please keep in mind these things if you are choosing Google or Facebook Ads:

  • to begin with Do Not run ads with direct affiliate link. Believe me you will end up getting blocked instead use a small customized landing page with a affiliate link in it.
  • Please always make sure that all of your landing pages are compliant with community guidelines provided by Google and Facebook .

Promote Affiliate Links with Quora Ads.

You can always work on Quora. Hence its free traffic generator by simply answering queries. Subsequently, you can always make paid campaign and get more advantage out of Quora.

To Conclude

Well here we complete our article for today. I hope above blog will be of great help to you. Please do share your experience and success stories . If you have any further query let us discuss in comment section below. I am looking forward for your comments.